You Need An Aquarium

Any family trying to instil some scientific curiosity in their children–or themselves–will benefit from setting up an aquarium.

Plus, you know how serious conversations are always easier in the car, because you don’t have to look at each other? I feel like watching an aquarium is the same idea. Many of the tough conversations I had with my folks–Dad, especially–were sitting in front of the 20 gallon guppy tank out in his office.

Fish are often thought of as lower-stakes pets than, say, a dog, but this may just be based on our getting less emotional about them. They are still sentient creatures, capable of suffering, so consider your ability to provide decent care for an aquarium before you adopt living creatures.

An invertebrate-only tank, like a shrimp tank, can still be a bustling hive of activity and color, without the commitment of adopting vertebrates. If you expect a youth to provide all necessary effort to keep a tank thriving, there may be benefits to starting with an invert tank.

Planned Table of Contents:

Setting Up A Tank From Scratch, Cheaply or At Cost

Intro To Tank Chemistry & Nutrient Cycling


Finally Ready for Fish

Maintenance and The Future

Supplemental Hobbies